Love and Art: The Story of Pygmalion

In his loneliness, Pygmalion carved an ivory statue of his perfect woman and named her Galatea. He showered the figure with delicate kisses and beautiful gifts and took her to his bed. One day, after he delivered a sacrifice to Aphrodite, the goddess granted the artist’s deepest desire and breathed life into the ivory form.

Hippolyte and Hercules: Abuse, Loss, and Reclaiming of Power

Hercules’ violation of Hippolyte’s trust created in her a feeling of terrible foolishness and deep shame, which destroyed her faith in her own instincts. Only after she re-connected with Aphrodite, the embodiment of Divine Love, and thus her self-respect, could Hippolyte reclaim sovereignty over her life and her family, and rediscover the strength to break her chains and lead her sisters to freedom.

History of Hercules

Wonder Woman’s real-world origin begins in World War II America, but elements of her backstory can be traced to ancient Greek tales of the mighty hero, Hercules. Famous for his incredible strength, Hercules was the son of Zeus, king of the gods, and the mortal Alcmene.